Theodosa Lives In A Museum

Theodosa and The Serpents of Chaos

A book about a girl who lives in a museum

Theodosia & The Serpent of Chaos by R.L. LaFevers is not a very long book. It is not as thick as the Potter books, but it reads well and is very clever. Theodosia, if she were real, is a girl I’d love to meet and go on adventures with. She’s eleven when this action takes place (This is only Book 1 and we may see her get older before we’re done), but she’s very smart for an eleven year old and, like me, has a big mouth and has got adults all figured out, and she lives in a museum!

If you have ever been to one, you will know museums are places where old and valuable things are kept and put on display. Theodosia ‘s parents are archeologists (people who dig for these ancient things) and Theodosia’s mother is on a “dig” in Egypt when the story begins.

Theodosia appears to have a special talent for sensing thousands-of-years-old curses and spells lingering around some of the objects her mother brings back to the museum. Theodosia can also remove these curses and spells, using various rituals requiring various strange objects, When her cat Isis, is accidentally put under a spell and goes through a personality change, there are some hilarious scenes.

If you have ever imagined you were smarter than your parents (not true I hope), and would love to live in a museum, sleep in a mummy case, and be minimally supervised as you carry out dangerous experiments and heroic adventures, then read this book and let your imagination run wild.

Some might find Theodosia’s talents questionable, and the story thoroughly unbelievable, but remember, this is only a story.