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    What in the world are you going to read next?

     I read somewhere that there are people who think kids will stop reading when they’ve finished Harry Potter. That is to say the Harry Potter books are the only books one can enjoy reading. This is simply not true. Just because they are not famous or made into movies, there are many books you might enjoy as much as you enjoyed Harry Potter. On this page, I shall introduce some of my favorites.

     If you have managed to read all  the Harry Potter books, it seems to me that you could be ready to read books that are not officially for children.

     I have just finished a book about King Arthur, the mythical king who may have reigned in Britain shortly after the birth of Christ. If he lived at all, and the only “proof” is that there were a lot of boys named Arthur around that time. He represented a kind of bridge between the old pagan ways and the new Christianity that came after the Romans and Saxons invaded and occupied Britain. I have read a lot of books about Arthur. My mentor, Queen Celestine, retired fairy godmother and Queen of the Fairies, kept a large library in her bedroom when she was alive. An entire shelf was devoted to books about this mythical King.. THE WINTER KING by .Bernard Cornwell is my favorite. Therein you will read about the wizard Merlin who, while all the battles over the Island of Britain are taking place, is busily hunting for the thirteen treasures of Britain which when gathered together, he claims, will ensure that Britain goes back to its old (Pagan) ways. One of the thirteen treasures happens to be an Invisibility Cloak. (Now where have we heard of such a thing?) I strongly recommend this book as a follow-up to Harry Potter. It is not hard reading and you will enjoy every bit of it and when you are done there are two more books to finish telling you the story.