Doll House Dolls

Miniature rag dolls to put in doll houses, on Christmas trees, and in small boxes.

The Little Old Woman Had So Many Children She Lived in A Shoe
So many dolls to choose from!

A yard of material makes a heap of dolls. The challenge is in stitching together the tiny pattern pieces and, once sewn, turning them inside out, and pushing stuffing material into small openings. I used a small crochet hook to turn the pieces inside out, and a whittled down chopstick to fill the parts with stuffing material.I made the first little dolls on a treadle sewing machine in Northern Maine. I can see them now, lined up, row upon row, on a long butcher block table, a virtual assembly line of little cloth bodies, patiently awaiting the final touches.

Is that the Jabberwocky back there?
These little dollies live in a shoe!